Posted on Apr 13, 2010
Google Dashboard is Updated

Google Dashboard is Updated

Google has updated their platform dashboard and look what we got here:

Android Platform Percent of Devices
Android 1.1 0.1%
Android 1.5 38.0%
Android 1.6 31.6%
Android 2.0 0.3%
Android 2.0.1 2.7%
Android 2.1 27.3%

Data collected during two weeks ending on 4/12/2010

Android 1.5 is still leading – a whooping number of 38% – these are early adopter people who use the manufacturer’s custom UI e.g HTC Sense, MotoBlur. Phone in this category for examples are Motorola Cliq and HTC Hero.

Android 1.6 includes first generation phone that use standard layout such as Tmobile G1 (HTC Dream) , Tmobile MyTouch3G (HTC Magic). Sony Ericsson X10 are still on Android 1.6 despite coming so late in the game.

And lastly, Android 2.0-2.1 with hefty 30% margin are for people who use Motorola Droid and Nexus One.

All the handset makers already promise that everyone will get an upgrade to 2.1 sooner or later this year (2010), but the question is…  would it be able to smoothly run all the 2.1 features (e.g live wallpaper) ? Would it cause a toll on the performance? Hardware wise, we know that first generation phone is limited. But heck, I still want it anyway! How about you?

Android Platform 04/12/2010

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  1. ExtremeT says:

    A lot of phones will have a 2.1 that has some features toned down or others completely gone. A lot of first gen phones won't be able to run some of the feature, like live wallpapers, or at least run it really slowly, so will more then likely be excluded.

    I'd rather have a fast running 2.1 with some features missing then a full featured 2.1 and my phone begging to shoot itself in the head from lag.

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