Posted on Jul 10, 2010
Nexian Journey – Indonesian Android Phone

Nexian Journey – Indonesian Android Phone

This just come to our attention, a new Android phone from Indonesia. The company name is Nexian, and the phone will be called The Journey. Nexian Journey is a budget phone with 3.2 capacitive screen, 3.5 mm audio jack, 600Mhz processor, micro-SD, GPS, Wi-FI, accelerometer, compass, Bluetooth, and 5MP camera with flash – all pretty standard. This is a Google Experience phone with Android 1.6, so no custom skinning as in HTC Sense, or MOTOBLUR. Though I hope that this phone  will get Froyo (2.2) when its launched, Donut (1.6) is aging and according to Google Dashboard – more than 50 percents are already >2.0. Keep in mind, many newer applications are only for Eclair and above.

Being an open-platform, Android allows any phone-maker to use Android as their operating system. It turns out that this kind of ecosystem is a breeding ground for many new company. During the earlier days when TMobile G1 still rocks the world as THE phone, Kogan step up and promise the world with “Kogan Agora”. With Blackberry form-factor, it shows plenty of promises – and many pre-order months before it even launched. Sadly, the owner Ruslan Kogan put the project on hold indefinitely.

Fast forward 20 month, there is no news of Kogan coming back – and the ecosystem is already full of big player. There is room for growth though, as we can see from Huawei and other Chinese manufactures. Granted that this phone might not be a phone for people here in US (spec is pretty weak compared to what we have here in the states), but for people in Indonesia – and the potential of another Android phonemaker coming to the market – is always good for the ecosystem. Who knows, in couple of year Nexian can comes to foreign Market, just as Huawei did with TMobile Pulse (Europe).

via Gajeto and @DanielTumiwa

[update] The phone has been launched. Read more here.

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    Gw ngiler nich ama model & androidny,hrga nya berape ea

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    this is HP goodest,,,

  3. [...] Android phone made by Indonesian company called Nexian has been launched. Apparently the phone that we covered before was the final version. No Eclair or Froyo, but with the announced unsubsidized pricing of IDR [...]

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    baru liat di pameran. harga normal 2.999jt harga pameran 2.4jt

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    gila keren desainnya….pengen….mupeng….

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